Gerhard Herrera- Pahl has been in the financial industry for over 25 years. His passion for his work is one of the main reasons he has achieved such high success within his career. Starting off as a financial strategist, he then transitioned to a portfolio manager and then a financial advisor. He decided his work would be more beneficial under a company of his own. In 2012, Gerhard started his own firm HerPah LLC. This was his chance to make a mark in terms of the financial consulting basis. Currently residing in Miami Beach, Florida, he has created a strong base of clients and really strives to provide the best customer service he can. In house consulting is a rare find in terms of financial advisory companies, as most outsource that business. Gerhard found cost-effective ways to contribute both sides to his business. It allowed him the opportunity to network. Therefore, he learned a lot from diverse groups of people along the way.




Before he began the journey into the financial industry, he received his bachelor’s degree in Economics from the Technological Institute of Mexico. Gerhard Herrera-Pahl started working for the large banks in Mexico before making the transition to come to the United States to continue to build his family. Family is an extremely important aspect of life to Gerhard. He wanted to build the best life possible for his family, as generations before him had done. He has always had a passion for finance, especially found when he would always help his family with the finances! Gerhard has a good understanding of the marketing, while also knowing the best ways to help each of his client’s portfolios.